Campbell LOVES her new….

Installation day finally came on Monday for Campbell’s draperies….finally! Even though I install draperies all the time, seeing the dramatic difference that they make in a room gets me every time. And on this installation day my little client was also quite pleased with the addition to her room.


I just love her AND her new draperies! More to come on her room soon.

Just like me, every Mom wants to create a beautiful, comfortable and inspirational space for their children. This may be in their bedroom, craft room, family room or even in the kitchen. At the end of the day my designs come down to creating smart AND stylish spaces to enhance your lifestyle.

Another designer that shares that same philosophy and is out in the world creating these amazing spaces for deserving families all around the country is, Tracy Hutson, host of The Design Network’s Momtourage. If you have not yet seen this series or been on The Design Network you are missing out big time! The Design Network is an amazing video resource for all things design and decorating. With several different series to choose from, you can customize your own viewing selections and keep up with your favorite designers in their latest episodes.

One of my absolute favorites on The Design Network is Tracy’s show, Momtourage. Tracy meets with deserving families all across the country to give an area of their home a complete makeover to help improve how they live in their home. She may be working with a single mom to create a place for the entire family to gather or with a family to create a special place for their son who is serving in the military to come home to. She is constantly making a difference for families who are in need of an interior design intervention.

As a Mom, we get so busy with the day to day activities that it can be hard to conquer some of the larger scaled projects of your home. And what better way to tackle these projects than with a group of other Moms who know and feel the same challenges! Watch just the first few minutes of Momtourage and you too will be hooked!

Be sure to explore the other fabulous series on The Design Network! Happy viewing!

Sweet Little Chair for a Sweet Little Girl

My Finley loves to spend time in her room. It is her own space to read, draw, play, do her ‘make up’ and get lost in her own imagination. I am in the process of painting her room—color and pictures coming soon!—and I recently found a great bookcase that will need painting as well. It will be great for her as she has so many books and things to display and I need her to have a place to put them all instead of on her dresser.

I knew that I would get a chair for her room to go next to her bookcase so that she could have her own reading area to allow her to read some place other than her bed or the floor. Although I am sure that these places will be used as well! So I was thrilled to bring home this adorable wood framed, antique inspired blush pink chair for her evolving bedroom.

I barely got it out of the car before she wanted to give it a try! It is perfectly perfect and is going to be a fabulous piece in her big girl room.


IMG_1131 IMG_1130 IMG_1129 IMG_1128

Stay tuned for updates on the design plan and progress of her bedroom coming soon!

Happy Easter!

I am so excited to celebrate Easter this year as our girls are old enough to understand a little but of what this holiday means. In addition to the spiritual aspect, which I will not get into here, is of course the FUN aspect! Now the question is….who has had more fun this year? Mommy? Or the girls? So far we are about tied but tomorrow they will win that one for sure!

 I have enjoyed planning and preparing our very sparsely decorated…ok it is not at all decorated….dining room for our family gathering. We may only have two matching chairs and we are lacking a rug, art and window treatments but I am focusing on the little things this year that not only add color to the room but to our lives as well. How can 8 packages of pink peeps not make you smile! This will be our first of many family meals in this room and I am excited to see it evolve in the near future….hopefully before the next major holiday:)




The girls dyed their eggs and I was lucky enough to borrow them for such a cute centerpiece display. I have also been victim to yet another Pinterest holiday craft! These centerpieces were a spin off of another centerpiece that I saw on Pinterest involving the same ingredients but it looked so much different as the glass vases were not tall cylinders like mine. And to be honest I was regretting my cylinders for a while during this project as they were a bit difficult to maneuver. But I love the way they turned out! And I did not have to buy any major new pieces to get this look!


I am sincerely hoping that my hydrangea are all still going strong at least through dinner:) Hydrangea are my favorite flower!


photo 5

My girls did such a good job coloring their eggs and they were very proud of themselves!

photo 4

And for some reason Finley decided that her eggs were going to be too cold in the refrigerator so she went and found a fleece winter hat and tucked them all in to stay safe and warm. She checked on them multiple times and even kissed them goodnight and covered them up with one of her blankets. I just love her to pieces!



The Easter Bunny has found his way to the Clement house and left a few treats to two wonderful little girls.


I hope that each of you enjoys a special day with your loved ones.

Happy Easter!

And the Paint Color is……

When we bought our house the builder had already painted every square inch of our house in Benjamin Moore shelburne buff. And of course they used a lovely flat paint that literally shows every fingerprint and speck of dirt that floats near the walls. While this is a great color I have finally selected a color that is ME, that I think will work great for the main areas in our home. And because we have a very open floor plan this color is going to be seen quite a bit.

After 4 other sample cans I have finally landed on Benjamin Moore’s arctic gray and I am in love with it! Our house has a lot of dark elements—floors, cabinetry and is not an overly light and bright house so I am trying to lighten it up with a sleek silvery/gray paint color.

It is so funny because I can walk into any client’s home and bam! I know exactly which paint colors I want to use. But in my house I struggled a bit to find the right color. I think this is because I usually have a plan with many other elements (fabrics, area rugs, furniture, lighting, etc.) and I am picking paint color last when it comes to my clients and the color selection easily fits into our grand plan. But of course when it comes to my house….do I have a grand plan? Nope! I am far less organized and I truly have no other plan besides–lighten it up and get rid of the gold tones on the wall. So as I was painting all of my sample areas today I made a pact with myself to complete a design board for each room in our home just as I would do for a client. So stay tuned for my ideas and design plans for our home coming soon! They may not all happen right away but they will be there for when I am ready. Just like I do with my clients! PLAN!

Here is one area with the arctic gray sample. **This is the first of two coats. ALWAYS do two coats to get the true color!**


photo 1

Dora was cheering me on and helping me to paint!

photo (1)

photo 2

I am so excited to get rid of the gold tones in our home and get a fresh and crisp color palette started. I really do not have any other fabrics or dictating pieces as our sofa is very neutral so this change will really make a difference and will be the jumping off point for all window treatments and finishing touches that will come soon.

As I was painting all of my samples Finley said, ‘Mommy, are you supposed to be painting on the wall?’ I made sure that she knew that I was just getting them ready for the painters to come so that she didn’t get any sneaky ideas to paint the walls herself! So she went to her craft cabinet and got her paint supplies and went to work! With help from Olivia the cat.

photo 3

How to Wow Your Home Office

Whether you work from home or have a spouse who does or you just need your own space to manage your family from, a home office space is a key room in many homes.  Many builders today are actually creating a larger home office space and eliminating a formal living room altogether. A sign that function really is paramount!

The home office is also a place of self expression. This could come from using your favorite colors~

Office Interior Design Charlotte NC

Or displaying some of your favorite accessories~

Office Interior Design Charlotte NC

And creating your own retreat~

Office Interior Design Charlotte NC

I am working on a plan for my husband’s home office. Right now it is painted and has a desk against the back wall and is the holding place for all of my family photos that I am waiting to use in my stairwell gallery wall….after I finally pick a color to paint our foyer!


We will be keeping the wall color, using Chris’ leather accent chair, adding a window treatment that has yet to be determined and these other pieces~

Chris' office

I am really excited to get the height and the storage and display for this space. Chris needs a place to have his awards, photos of our girls, and other pieces that motivate and inspire him. There will actually be two of these bookcases against the back wall. And since he does work from this office everyday helping him to stay organized is a must. And why not make it stylish and handsome?!

I am excited! And I hope he is too as he hasn’t seen this yet! Surprise honey!

Thank you!

Everyday I get the privilege of working with my wonderful clients and I am always so honored that they have welcomed me into their homes and shared their decorating and lifestyle challenges with me. I take so seriously the functional plus the stylistic value of a project that when a project is coming to a close and I hear how much the transformation has impacted a client and their family, it means so much to me!

I so enjoyed receiving this email earlier this week from a very special client of mine:

Dear Lauren and all of her wonderful staff,

This morning I took a moment to walk into my library and enjoy the beautiful new look in both it and the adjacent living room.  Thank you for creating a look that does not deny the formality of the rooms but also feels relaxed and welcoming.  I wanted the feel of a country manor house, and that is exactly the ambience of the two rooms.  They are perfection!

Thank you again for not only the amazing creativity that your poured into my little project, but also the time and effort that was taken to coordinate all the details.

So I thought I would take a moment and say THANK YOU to all of my clients and supporters for allowing me into your lives and homes and to make a difference with my creativity and hard work. I absolutely love what I do and look forward to more exciting opportunities in the future.

And a special thank you to the amazing author of the kind note above. You know who you are!

thank you

via Pinterest

Awaken Your Home!

Spring. Is. Here! I love this time of year as everything is in bloom and fresh and the colors are so soothing and uplifting. Spring is also a time of new beginnings. This can mean all kinds of different things for you, your children, your garden, or your home. I was recently asked to write a piece for a wonderful local publication, Today’s Charlotte Woman, all about how to freshen up your home for Spring. For my local followers please pick up a copy! And for my non local readers I have included the digital version of the magazine here. And a big thank you to the magazine for such a gorgeous display of my work!
To find some of these accessories and other pieces for your home that could freshen things up using some of the above decorating tips please visit me at Lila HOME!

Equestrian Style

Your Style. Your Home.

What does that mean to you? We all have our own tastes and likes/dislikes and certain colors or styles that speak to us. For me, one of those styles is the Equestrian Style. My 25+ year love of horses will always be in my blood and I am looking to infuse some of it into our new home.

I recently found some really great ideas and inspiration on Pinterest and thought I would share some of my fabulous finds.









I would just like to thank all of the contributors on Pinterest as this particular search holds so much meaning to me and to gain insight into such amazing ideas is just incredible. Pinterest can certainly add to our everyday push to be ‘everything to everyone’ but there is definitely good in the creativity and inspiration that Pinterest brings to all of us.

And it has definitely put me in touch with my DIY side!

Giddy up!

BEST of Charlotte Smarty Pants WINNER!

We are SO excited to announce that Lauren Nicole Designs was voted Best of Charlotte Interior Designer by the amazing Charlotte Smarty Pants team. THANK YOU CSP!

I love creating beautifully functional spaces for my fellow Charlotte families and to receive such an honor is just incredible! Cheers to 2014 and many more fabulous Charlotte room makeovers to come!

Img0111 - Copy

And to my fellow Charlotte mamas please check out the other incredible winners of the Best of awards on Charlotte Smarty Pants!

Happy Spring Y’all!

Celebrating SPRING!

We were lucky enough to experience two beautiful Spring like days in a row this past weekend. And how thankful we were! So thankful that we decided to shout it all over our new framed chalkboard wall! Let me show you what this wall looked like when we moved in this past Summer.


I knew that I wanted to do something fun on such a big wall and since we spend a good amount of time in this area, I thought a chalk wall would allow for a great uplifting message wall. For example, I imagine this chalk wall to display positive words and sayings, song lyrics, maybe even menu items for the week, reminders and a fun place for our girls to get creative. I also knew that I wanted to frame out the chalked area to give it more depth and dimension.

So here is the evolution of our chalk board wall~ (and yes those are Halloween pails and yes I have been working on this since October!)




After the 2 coats of chalk paint were dry we were ready to select a mirror frame to finish off the space. Here is what I selected~


I have a lot of bronze fixtures and hardware in my house but I needed something light enough to contrast with the chalk paint but rich enough not to fight with my fixtures. So I selected this pewter like frame that is rich in color and nice and thick to match up to the size of this 10′ wall.

**If you are new to this framing concept please note that I mostly use this product to frame out big plate glass mirrors found in most bathrooms. I have over 50 frame styles to chose from and these can go on virtually any mirror to make it look like a gorgeous custom mirror!**

But here is the frame in a different kind of application….and I just love it!

photo (1)

photo (2)

As perfect as the chalk board looked, it was more important to me to let my little girlies put their creative stamp on it.

photo 1

photo 3

I am so excited to see how many different ways our family will use this great new and fun tool in our house. I am just in love with the color and life that this adds to one of our most used spaces in our home. And it was so easy and inexpensive to create! (and in normal time would have taken less than 2 weeks to complete!)

I hope you and our family are finding ways to celebrate Spring around your home!

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