Drop Zone Makeover


Just in time for school to start, our drop zone got an easy peasy new look!

Here is the before~

photo (1)

And the after~

photo 1

Everything about this area stayed the same functionally but I used Amy Howard’s One Step Paint in color Bauhaus Buff to give it a brighter and happier look. It took 1.5 days and I am THRILLED with the results! We use this space many times every day and I love how it works for us but it was such a dark area, kind of like the big black, well actually brown, hole.  And now it is a cheery, happy place that looks so fresh and clean! And Amy’s paint is so durable that it is ready for all of the ‘stuff’ to go back on it and it will be put to good use starting Tuesday when the girls go back to school. It is ready to rock and roll!



I plan to add a cushion for a bit of comfort and color but I love this mini makeover so much!

What do you think about this bright transformation?


How to Accessorize a Wall of Shelves

Lauren 8

This before and after is by far one of my favorites. My client used this conservatory area of her home as her office, where her and her team (made up of her family members) worked on a daily basis. The space is light and bright and very rectangular, so it was the perfect place to set up several desks in a row for an optimal work space. But she knew that she would one day want to claim this space as a piano and sitting room as the light and the view are both beautiful and it is a room right off of the formal living room.

Well that day came and I was thrilled to put the plan together! Here is the before~


I utilized some of my client’s existing furniture and we brought in a few new pieces. Here is a shot mid way through the project before all of the finishing touches were brought in~


And here are the afters~

Lauren 8

Lauren 10

My client wanted a light neutral feel, utilizing texture and pattern and highlighting her natural greenery found outside of all of her windows, on the inside. She also wanted a great conversation area with lots of seating for friends and family to chat or listen to the baby grand piano on the other side of the room.

I am so in love with this room and that wall of accessories! We worked very hard to create the right combination of size, pattern, texture, scale and personality by using the picture frames.

Here is a shot of the other side of the room~

unnamed (1)

Natural elegance is the name of the game here and I hope y’all love this transformation as much as both myself and my client!

Stay tuned for more room transformations from this wonderful home!

Watch Beautiful Happen!

Create an Oasis in Your Bathroom TV spot!

I recently did a post, How to Create an Oasis in Your Bathroom, and I am thrilled to share with you how that topic looks through the eyes of a morning talk show!

I was recently asked to appear on The Joy Sutton Show as the interior design expert to share with her awesome viewers how to breathe new life into your bathroom. It was an exciting experience and Joy is a truly inspiring woman with a fantastic show. Be sure to keep up with her here!

Click here to watch my segment!

Here are a few shots from my trip!





Our Appearance on the Hit Show: Space Off


A few weeks ago my Mom, Linda, and I were asked to come and be the judges on the hit show, Space Off, which airs on The Design Network. We were so honored to have been asked to analyze the hard work of two amazing teams of designers. We were excited to go and knew that it would be a challenge to select a winner but we had no idea how truly difficult that task would be once we saw how amazingly talented these designers are!

The challenge they were given was to design a home office for a female blogger that would be both inspirational and functional at the same time. And this is an area that both my Mom and I identify with as we both have work spaces at home, and we both have blogs! So we were very excited to see these two spaces and how the teams utilized their own talents to please their clients.

Mom and I both know the challenge of  stepping into the minds of our clients to bring to life a space that will be aesthetically pleasing and personally smart for them but doing it in just a few short hours is incredibly challenging! So we both want to extend a huge congratulations to both teams again!

Click HERE to watch the full episode!

And here are a few images recaping our awesome experience at The Design Network!















CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of this amazing makeover challenge! Can’t wait to see them advance in the Space Off challenge!

For more exciting design inspiration and tips on all things HOME please log in and subscribe to the Lauren Nicole Design’s channel on The Design Network!

Watch Beautiful Happen!

Making a Non Custom Home CUSTOM

I visited a new home site yesterday that is under construction and about to get dry wall. But this was not just any home site, it is the future new home of my parents! It has been a long time coming but they are about to settle in to their new abode and I could not be happier for them! And it also means that…’s project time!!!

We started planning paint colors and furniture  yesterday and I love the direction that my Mom wants to go in. Light and happy yet warm and cozy and definitely current and custom. I grew up in an English style Tudor home out on 5 acres so living in a neighborhood is definitely foreign to my parents, and to me, so making this non custom home feel custom is very important to my Mom.

We filmed a short clip standing in their future kitchen~

Click Here to Watch!

We even brought back up for extra opinions!

photo 1

Chris was in charge of paint selection and modeling them for us.

photo 2

The girls had to test out the beds in the model. Yep, kid approved!

photo 3

Campbell had the best view in the neighborhood!

Stay tuned for more fun and fab planning! Here some of our favorite paint selections from yesterday~


Ben Moore van deusen blue


Ben Moore wythe blue


Ben Moore manchester tan

How to Create an Oasis in your Bathroom

Do you love taking hot bubble baths? Or feeling like you are in a spa getting the royal treatment? Do you like to make a good impression when friends and family come over?

If you answered YES to any of the above then here are a few great tips to help you create an oasis in your bathroom!

Do you have a space that looks anything like this?

townsend before

Do you want your space to look like this?

Img0006 - Copy

Here are some ways to achieve your bathroom makeover goals~

1. COLOR~ Whether it is your powder room or your master bathroom, these rooms are usually smaller in size and have less wall space so using a bolder wall color can be a nice choice. And in a powder room consider bringing in a wallpaper—-it is not just your Grandmother’s floral anymore!

Here is a beautiful example of a bold wall color in a powder room~


2. It’s all in the Details! If you have a plain plate glass mirror consider adding a mirror frame to add substance and make it look like a stunning customized mirror.

Water Mark41

Another important detail can come from the stunning impact a shower curtain can make. As long as you have a protective liner the fabric will be safe from the water and the visual appeal of the added color and texture will be the WOW that your bathroom needs!


Lauren Clement-17

Lauren Clement-18

Lastly, consider your lighting in the space. Do you have enough lighting? Is it attractive lighting? Thank goodness the Hollywood bulbs should be almost all gone from every home nationwide! When you go to replace them make sure that the vanity strip that you choose should be long enough and IMO, pointing downwards. If you have a 36-48″ vanity, use at least a 3 light strip and anything larger will need a 4 or 5 light strip. Bathrooms are a functional place and good lighting is key. And wherever you can add a chandelier, go for it! Here is a nice example~


Here is another before and after showcasing great lighting.

Client Homes 067

Clement Watermarked44

To get started, think about your own oasis—what does that mean to you? And use that as your inspiration. In a bathroom less is usually more. So have fun, get inspired and then Watch Beautiful Happen!

New Artwork Goes Up!

I am just like a little kid on Christmas morning when we get deliveries at the shop. My favorite pieces from yesterday are~

I like to call this one Heifer and Hydrangeas

photo (2)

The yearling heifer head will be paired with a lamb and a pig in a trio hanging on a wall in my breakfast nook. They are seriously the cutest things you have ever seen! If I cannot live on a farm, I plan to bring the farm to me!

We also recently got in some beautiful pieces of art that we found in High Point at Market in the Spring. And one was the perfect fit for a bare wall in my kitchen area. Here is the before~

photo 3

I had not found anything that I liked that was the right size, colors and subject….until now! So I brought it home and barely got it in the door before finding a hammer and a nail. 

photo 2

Yes I am holding Elsa the kitten as I am measuring because Elsa also like my new find~

photo 4

My little helper and I finally got my new  kitchen jewelry hung~

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

This piece is part of an offering called The French Linen Collection, which is made up of pieces  inspired by natural stories and Parisian flea market finds.  Each piece is printed on a linen/cotton blend then stretched over a frame and  is made in the USA. The French Linen Collection is all about fresh & classic living and each piece comes with a story.

There are a variety of subjects and each piece can come in a variety of sizes and with the addition of nail head trim. It is a unique and customizable line that will truly knock your socks off!

For more information please contact Lauren Nicole Designs.

Coastal Elegance

I am so excited to be researching inspiration for an upcoming project that will be a Coastal style home that will in fact be on the water. And what is especially exciting is that this is a home owned by clients of mine that I have worked with for the past couple of years. I truly enjoy their company and their style so this will be tons of fun! Not to mention that the before and after photos will be one amazing transformation! The home was built in 1989 and everything is original. So it is out with the Mauve and in the NEW!

Here are several of the FAB photos that I found on Pinterest for the start of my inspiration~










I love how all of these rooms have a rich coastal elegance. The use of navy blue, cream or white and a natural seagrass/jute texture is a luxurious way to design for a coastal style.

I especially love the room below for a little boy’s room.


This is going to be one fun makeover and I am excited to share it all with you! Stay tuned!

Fabulous Fabric for my Fabulous Finley

 It has almost been a year since we bought our home and we have been slowly working away at some of the projects that we have on our list. And just like I tell my clients…..I needed a PLAN!

Unfortunately, I did not heed my best advice in my oldest daughter’s room when I chose to paint her walls navy. Yes, navy. I was thinking of a preppy scheme of navy, pink and a kelly green and to lighten it up with her white furniture. And I was trying to reuse her draperies from our last house. But it just did not wok. It was way too dark and way too ‘old’ for a toddler. So I regrouped and made myself a design board….duh…and got to work.

Here is Finley’s room when we first moved in~


Here is a shot of her navy walls and pink draperies. You cannot see all of her white furniture, which really did help, just not enough.


So I repainted her walls with Sherwin William’s Copen Blue and I LOVE it! Everything is so much happier, lighter and brighter! But I kept her old draperies up until I could figure out a plan for the space as I vowed to make no more decisions without a firm plan!

It was worth the wait as her new draperies absolutely make the room. Here is the ‘in between’ shot with one new panel hung~


And then I brought in my adorable little helper to finish the job!








And finally, the AFTER~


CLICK HERE to watch the video of Finley’s FAB fabric makeover!

Feeling Blue!








Looking back on my installations from last week I noticed a lot of use of the color BLUE.  This color has been making an impact on the design and fashion world over the last few years and I love that I am getting to use it with my clients! I’m using a variety of shades of blue~ grey blue, aqua, spa blue and a classic….navy. I love them all and am even incorporating blue into our own home. Here are some snapshots from last week’s installations showcasing my new favorite color!



I also love the use of circles in this room—in the chair fabric, the accent table and the chandelier.


photo 5


In LOVE with this sharp blue/grey stripe on these outdoor lounge chairs.

photo 4


Playful aqua for a playful one year old.

photo 3

photo 2


Soft spa blue draperies to jazz up a neutral family room.

photo 1

photo (1)


A rich an updated version of navy on one of my favorite chair styles.

Blue is BACK!!

Have you used blue anywhere in your home?

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