How to Create an Oasis in your Bathroom

Do you love taking hot bubble baths? Or feeling like you are in a spa getting the royal treatment? Do you like to make a good impression when friends and family come over?

If you answered YES to any of the above then here are a few great tips to help you create an oasis in your bathroom!

Do you have a space that looks anything like this?

townsend before

Do you want your space to look like this?

Img0006 - Copy

Here are some ways to achieve your bathroom makeover goals~

1. COLOR~ Whether it is your powder room or your master bathroom, these rooms are usually smaller in size and have less wall space so using a bolder wall color can be a nice choice. And in a powder room consider bringing in a wallpaper—-it is not just your Grandmother’s floral anymore!

Here is a beautiful example of a bold wall color in a powder room~


2. It’s all in the Details! If you have a plain plate glass mirror consider adding a mirror frame to add substance and make it look like a stunning customized mirror.

Water Mark41

Another important detail can come from the stunning impact a shower curtain can make. As long as you have a protective liner the fabric will be safe from the water and the visual appeal of the added color and texture will be the WOW that your bathroom needs!


Lauren Clement-17

Lauren Clement-18

Lastly, consider your lighting in the space. Do you have enough lighting? Is it attractive lighting? Thank goodness the Hollywood bulbs should be almost all gone from every home nationwide! When you go to replace them make sure that the vanity strip that you choose should be long enough and IMO, pointing downwards. If you have a 36-48″ vanity, use at least a 3 light strip and anything larger will need a 4 or 5 light strip. Bathrooms are a functional place and good lighting is key. And wherever you can add a chandelier, go for it! Here is a nice example~


Here is another before and after showcasing great lighting.

Client Homes 067

Clement Watermarked44

To get started, think about your own oasis—what does that mean to you? And use that as your inspiration. In a bathroom less is usually more. So have fun, get inspired and then Watch Beautiful Happen!

New Artwork Goes Up!

I am just like a little kid on Christmas morning when we get deliveries at the shop. My favorite pieces from yesterday are~

I like to call this one Heifer and Hydrangeas

photo (2)

The yearling heifer head will be paired with a lamb and a pig in a trio hanging on a wall in my breakfast nook. They are seriously the cutest things you have ever seen! If I cannot live on a farm, I plan to bring the farm to me!

We also recently got in some beautiful pieces of art that we found in High Point at Market in the Spring. And one was the perfect fit for a bare wall in my kitchen area. Here is the before~

photo 3

I had not found anything that I liked that was the right size, colors and subject….until now! So I brought it home and barely got it in the door before finding a hammer and a nail. 

photo 2

Yes I am holding Elsa the kitten as I am measuring because Elsa also like my new find~

photo 4

My little helper and I finally got my new  kitchen jewelry hung~

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

This piece is part of an offering called The French Linen Collection, which is made up of pieces  inspired by natural stories and Parisian flea market finds.  Each piece is printed on a linen/cotton blend then stretched over a frame and  is made in the USA. The French Linen Collection is all about fresh & classic living and each piece comes with a story.

There are a variety of subjects and each piece can come in a variety of sizes and with the addition of nail head trim. It is a unique and customizable line that will truly knock your socks off!

For more information please contact Lauren Nicole Designs.

Coastal Elegance

I am so excited to be researching inspiration for an upcoming project that will be a Coastal style home that will in fact be on the water. And what is especially exciting is that this is a home owned by clients of mine that I have worked with for the past couple of years. I truly enjoy their company and their style so this will be tons of fun! Not to mention that the before and after photos will be one amazing transformation! The home was built in 1989 and everything is original. So it is out with the Mauve and in the NEW!

Here are several of the FAB photos that I found on Pinterest for the start of my inspiration~










I love how all of these rooms have a rich coastal elegance. The use of navy blue, cream or white and a natural seagrass/jute texture is a luxurious way to design for a coastal style.

I especially love the room below for a little boy’s room.


This is going to be one fun makeover and I am excited to share it all with you! Stay tuned!

Fabulous Fabric for my Fabulous Finley

 It has almost been a year since we bought our home and we have been slowly working away at some of the projects that we have on our list. And just like I tell my clients…..I needed a PLAN!

Unfortunately, I did not heed my best advice in my oldest daughter’s room when I chose to paint her walls navy. Yes, navy. I was thinking of a preppy scheme of navy, pink and a kelly green and to lighten it up with her white furniture. And I was trying to reuse her draperies from our last house. But it just did not wok. It was way too dark and way too ‘old’ for a toddler. So I regrouped and made myself a design board….duh…and got to work.

Here is Finley’s room when we first moved in~


Here is a shot of her navy walls and pink draperies. You cannot see all of her white furniture, which really did help, just not enough.


So I repainted her walls with Sherwin William’s Copen Blue and I LOVE it! Everything is so much happier, lighter and brighter! But I kept her old draperies up until I could figure out a plan for the space as I vowed to make no more decisions without a firm plan!

It was worth the wait as her new draperies absolutely make the room. Here is the ‘in between’ shot with one new panel hung~


And then I brought in my adorable little helper to finish the job!








And finally, the AFTER~


CLICK HERE to watch the video of Finley’s FAB fabric makeover!

Feeling Blue!








Looking back on my installations from last week I noticed a lot of use of the color BLUE.  This color has been making an impact on the design and fashion world over the last few years and I love that I am getting to use it with my clients! I’m using a variety of shades of blue~ grey blue, aqua, spa blue and a classic….navy. I love them all and am even incorporating blue into our own home. Here are some snapshots from last week’s installations showcasing my new favorite color!



I also love the use of circles in this room—in the chair fabric, the accent table and the chandelier.


photo 5


In LOVE with this sharp blue/grey stripe on these outdoor lounge chairs.

photo 4


Playful aqua for a playful one year old.

photo 3

photo 2


Soft spa blue draperies to jazz up a neutral family room.

photo 1

photo (1)


A rich an updated version of navy on one of my favorite chair styles.

Blue is BACK!!

Have you used blue anywhere in your home?

Introducing…..The Design Network

I am very excited to announce that Lauren Nicole Designs will be coming to all homes everywhere through the power of The Design Network. I have my very own Channel that will be available 24/7 for your viewing pleasure! The Design Network is an amazing resource for all Home Enthusiasts to customize how and when they watch their favorite interior design professionals do what they do best….create beautiful spaces! Whether you are looking for the latest trends and tips or how to create an amazing tablescape for your Summer Soiree or if you want to learn about design trends around the globe, The Design Network has all of that and more!

In addition to hosting amazing videos that stream on each channel, The Design Network is also a place to start discussions, look through amazing design images for inspiration, to ask questions and learn about why a design professional made a certain selection and how can you get a similar look in your home.  It is an amazing tool for both the home enthusiast and the designer! An open line of communication that is educational, inspirational, motivational and just plain FUN, what is not to LOVE?!

You can pick and choose the designers that you love to watch and therefore personalize The Design Network to your liking. How cool, right?! I have had a blast so far in creating my own channel and filming short segments and truly, this is just the beginning! I have a lot of really great projects that I will be sharing with you on The Design Network and take you on those adventures with me. I will also be documenting projects that I am tackling in my own home….although it is usually last on the list so we will see how soon that happens:)

Most of all I am incredibly excited to help relay useful information to home enthusiasts everywhere and to hopefully become a valuable resource for all things HOME related. I have a busy but beautiful life and am excited to share more of that through The Design Network.

To subscribe to my channel, visit The Design Network and create your own account, click on the Lauren Nicole Designs channel and then hit Subscribe, and you are done!

Here is a sneak peek at what you might find on my channel— in a video showcasing the ‘after’ of a beautifully neutral  master bedroom~

Neutral Master Bedroom

To show my gratitude and excitement the first 20 people to sign up on The Design Network and Subscribe to my Channel, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of my latest obsessions~


I am just in LOVE with these Rewined soy candles, handmade in Charleston, SC and poured into repurposed glass. The scents are incredible! A $28 value. Just comment here with your name and email once you have created your account and subscribed to my  channel.

Thank you all for your continued support during this exciting new journey!

A Royal Color Combo





It is always interesting to me to see how an outfit can be an inspiration for a beautiful room design.  I realized earlier today just how much I love the look of navy, white and gold and thought, this combo sure would make a gorgeous room design!

So I did a quick search to get some inspiration. Here are my findings!

photo (1)

photo 1






images via Pinterest

bedroom interior design charlotte nc

Lauren Nicole Designs

I love the look of the rich blue wall color and the gold accents. But if you are seeking a more neutral wall color be sure to bring in the rich navy and gold colors in pillows, fabrics, art and accessories. Things to remember when deciding how and where to apply your colors:

1. How much natural light does your room get?

2. What is your flooring in the space? Consider an area rug to help anchor your room and support your color and pattern selections. Some people like to start decorating a room around a rug; I actually like to find the rug last as I feel like there are so many great rug choices out there and this is a piece that can really tie a room together.

3. Combine textures! Metallics, wood tones, fabrics, greenery, and accents are all good examples of elements to bring together textures along with colors and patterns.

4. Have fun! Navy, gold and ivory is a classic and timeless color combination. If you want to jazz it up a bit consider adding in a pop of coral or green to infuse some excitement!

Stay tuned for another fashion style to interior style connection.

Watch Beautiful Happen!

Pretty Picture Frames!

This Sunday I spent some awesome quality time with my girlies! And the fact that it was raining and I had more than one hour at home was the perfect reason to cross off some items on my to do list. The two frames below have sat on a chest in our back hall for about 6 months with the stock images that come with the frames still inside of them. Chris keeps asking if I am ever going to change them out to our own children, and well honey, today was the day!

photo 2 (2)

I love these frames for so many reasons! The chalkboard plaque is perfect for personalization, the linen background on top of the antique cream slat background is the perfect combo to highlight your picture.

photo 1 (2)

I chose to use their monograms but using birthdays, names, season, events, sayings/quotes would all be other fabulous ideas! And what a great gift these would make! I have always loved them but now with my own children’s photos in them I love them SO much more! Funny how that works!

These frames are available in the antique cream, red or grey. Click here to message me for more info!

My next project is a bit bigger….I am going to tackle my stairwell gallery wall! Stay tuned!

Dining Room Makeover!




Yesterday I had the pleasure of installing a brand new dining room for my lovely clients. When I met these homeowners they were ‘stuck’ with how to get the look and functionality in real life that they were seeing in their minds. She was up every night flipping through catalogs and stressing herself, and her husband out, and they finally held up the white flag and called for help. And how lucky am I that they selected me to be the one to bring their vision to life!

We have started in their dining room as this connects directly to the entry way so it is the first thing that you see when you come in. Their current furniture was too small and not the look that they wanted as it was 10+ years old. We knew the wall color would stay but that was it.

Here are a few pictures to show you the beautiful transformation that took place yesterday!


photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5


We still need to accessorize the buffet but this space is almost complete! I am thrilled with the transformation and I believe my clients are as well. Here is a nice note that I received from them last night:

‘Lauren….”Wow!” Is all I say every time I walk through the dining room!

 Can’t say enough how appreciated your talents are:)  very excited to see how the rest of our little project turns out!

 Thanks again!’

I am so thankful for this opportunity to be working with such lovely people. Stay tuned for more makeovers from this beautiful home!

Tips for Beautiful Outdoor Living!

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Like Home


Indoor/outdoor living is a lifestyle trend that is here to stay. So how do you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that has a finished feel and is an extension of your home? Here are a few simple tips!

Clement Watermarked7


Consider traffic patterns and conversation areas when arranging your furniture.

Just like the inside of your home, your outside space needs to work for your lifestyle. Do you love to entertain? Do you host large parties or mostly small and intimate get togethers? Will you have lots of kids or mostly adults in your outdoor space? Creating a space that fits your needs is key. Design a comfy and cozy seating area that you and your family can use on a daily basis along with an extension of seating in ottomans or garden stools for when you have friends over. And make sure that your dining area will accommodate your needs. Think round when considering an outdoor dining table as the round shape promotes conversation and welcomes longer seating times.

Water Mark71

Clement Watermarked9

  1. COLOR!

 When selecting colors for your outdoor space think natural. I do not mean boring by any means! For example, blues and greens are great accent colors for your outdoor space as they naturally occur outside. Conversely, bolder colors such as orange or rust can provide a warm pop of color and are part of the brown family, a nature inspired color. And just like inside, be sure to carefully infuse the right balance of solids and patterns and textures. For example, still use a neutral on your sofa and highlight it with fun pillows in bolder colors and or patterns. Bring in patterns in your accent chairs. Consider outdoor drapery panels in a subtle sheer fabric if your space allows. Again like inside this additional fabric is the icing on the cake!



The options for outdoor accessories have really been expanded over the last several seasons and this is great news! Think a tray on your cocktail table, pillows on your sofa, art over your outdoor console table, a clock or metal wall décor on your brick exterior wall, large lanterns or hurricanes with LED candles and even an area rug to define your space and highlight your furniture. Just like the inside of your home, your outdoor space also needs the jewelry to make it complete.

While you want your outdoor space to be an extension of your interior, have FUN with this design and create a happy place that makes you smile and want to spend time outside soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air.

Click here for a short video that breaks down on of my latest outdoor spaces. Enjoy and happy outdoor decorating!

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