2020 Kitchen & Bath Trends

When designing any space for my clients, my motto has always been Family + Function = Fabulous. My spaces have to not only be beautiful but they also need to function for the way each family lives to be a total success. This motto was reflected in so many of the products featured this year at KBIS (the annual Kitchen & Bath Design Show that I attended in Vegas) and I’m excited to share how you can bring these trends into your home.

1. Black is back - The power, drama and sophistication of black is making a come back is a big way. Featured in refrigerators with stunning copper hinges, counter tops, cabinetry handles, faucets and even bathtubs.

2. Smart Technolog - If you watched The Jetsons growing up -- you're going to love where kitchen and bath innovations are headed. Faucets that turn a bright color when the water is hot -- Faucets that will fill your measuring cups, sippy cups or doggie bowls by voice command -- bathtubs that will fill with water without you even being in the room -- steam ovens -- and amazing pizza ovens. All amazing technology that is efficient and time saving for a busy family life.

3. Color - I Vote For Color! Don't get me wrong, I still love my grey and whites -- but the warmth and excitement of color in any space in your home just steals my heart. Get ready to express your personality in small amounts with cabinetry hardware or by making a major statement with large appliances, cabinetry or tiles.

4. International Influences - The kitchen is the center of European family life -- at a time when so many parents and kids are screen focused, American designers are taking a cue from the European's and are designing spaces that bring the family together with banquettes that add warm & comfort and invite conversation, cleaner lines, more efficient spaces, and open shelving. Italian influences in natural stones, marble and tiles. And the Japanese art of Kintsugi -- meaning making artistic statements and beauty through the repairs of broken pieces.

All in all, kitchen & bath manufacturers are setting forward thinking trends for the future that all of our families will be enjoying and benefiting from in our everyday lives.


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