Designing for Men

Happy Father’s Day (a day late) to all the important men in our lives! When it comes to design, men can often be overlooked but that is not the case with the stylish and functional spaces I’m sharing today.

It’s all about him - What are his hobbies and interests? You’ll want to focus on creating a space that is unique to his hobbies - a personal escape from the rest of the home. Accessorize with his hobbies in mind as well — no flowers here!

Keep it Light & Bright - traditionally when you hear “man cave” you think of a dark and gloomy space but that is certainly not the case here!

Performance Fabrics - This should be a space where they can put their feet on the furniture, eat and even spill beer and performance fabrics are the perfect solution. You don’t have to sacrifice design for function!

Party On - If you have extra room, think about increasing the space’s functionality with a built in bar and extra seating so it doubles as an entertaining room.

Home Study for Him - A quiet spot in the home where he can focus and be productive in style. This is another great opportunity to take note of his personal interests - here, golf clubs, a collectors car and a sailboat are all simple, yet tell his story.

Check out this recent segment on WBTV Morning Break:


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