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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

How To: Implement Lasting Organization Tactics into Your Day-To-Day Life 

It’s hard to belief that summer is coming almost to an end and before we can even blink again it’ll be the start of a new school year. Over the past couple of months with quarantine, I’ve been working to implement a lot of new systems in our household that will help our family stay on track and organized throughout the upcoming school year. I always like to think of the start of the school year as a new start to the year - a sort of 1/2 year mark to access resolutions/goals and set intentions for the remaining part of the year. Whether your kids are able to go back to school, or you’ll be homeschooling these tricks are sure to help give you sanity throughout all areas of the home. 

Create a Dropzone - Depending on space and home layout this can be as small as hooks on the wall with a few baskets or a room full of lockers and cabinets. Regardless of space, start by accessing your families lifestyle - do you children play sports or participate in extracurricular actives? Parents, do you have large briefcases or lots of work supplies? Start by making a dedicated space for each person in the household giving them a personalized hook, cubby, basket, shoe bin to house all of these daily items. This organized dropzone will be key as schedules pick back up and there is a lot more traffic in and out of the house. 

Stay Fueled - A fun spin on the traditional wet bar and one of my personal favorites - a breakfast station - perfect for hectic mornings. A great place to display easy to grab breakfast items and fuel up with a coffee or hot tea before kick-starting your morning routine. 

Whistle While You Work - There’s no reason that chores can’t be fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do laundry in a place like this? Here, we took maximum advantage of the space by brining in cabinetry that is not only beautiful but serves its purpose holding cleaning and laundry supplies. 

Keep It All Together - When running a household and balancing schedules, a command center is your key to sanity. Sometimes a nook in the heart of the home (right off the kitchen/entry area) is the perfect place to set up. Keep things neat and organized with the help of cabinets and baskets and the use of functional decorative accents such as a calendar and bulletin boards to keep up with schedules. 

Head over to WCNC to learn more about getting organized for the upcoming school year.


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