Designing with Families in Mind – Holiday Edition

Holiday season means entertaining, and if you’re like me and have kids, that adds an extra challenge to the equation. In preparation, I stick to my mantra when designing any space, but especially common living spaces where families come together around this time of year: Family – Function – Fabulous!
"Of course I always design with the intention to make a beautiful space for my clients, but if it doesn’t function for their family, then it doesn’t work."
So, here are my top tips for designing with children in mind that come in handy this time of year!

Make Sure the Kids have Their Own Space

Most of the holidays are spent in the kitchen – that’s where the magic happens and specifically where you can find me stealing pieces of my mom’s fudge. No matter how big your kitchen is, there is never enough room for the kids running around while you’re trying to prepare holiday feasts, not to mention all 100 of their toys. That’s why it’s so important to save the rest of your house from the clutter and give the kids their own dedicated space. Whether it’s targeted towards teenagers as a place to hang out with friends or little ones with tons of toys, they all need a space that’s all their own!

Storage is Key

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without games, toys and cozy blankets for family movie sessions on the couch, but it’s also great to have somewhere in the main family living area to store everything when company comes over. Bookcases, storage boxes and baskets help keep the little things in a designated spot— plus, they’re a great design element for the space.

Select Kid and Pet Friendly Fabrics

Food and beverages are bound to be spilled over the holidays, let’s be real. Families gathering and kids running wild – might as well accept it. To protect your fabrics, make sure to invest in not only a beautiful, but family-friendly option that won’t be ruined by one spill. Sunbrella and Cryton are two companies I love to source from since they accomplish stylized pieces that are truly functional for everyday shenanigans, including the holidays.

For more tips, check out my WBTV segment here!


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