Fall 2020 One Room Challenge: Week 1, The Intro

To say that 2020 has been a year of unexpected surprises, is an understatement! For me, the biggest positive out of this year has been being able to stay connected with the design community through digital platforms. I am honored to have been selected as one of the 20 designers for the One Room Challenge® - High Point Market Edition. 

This Fall we will be taking you on a virtual journey designing a space with product sourced directly from High Point Market. Given our current environment and the amazing shift the design industry has seen in virtual design, this is such a fitting and fun way to complete this 6 week challenge.

Before we get started, I wanted to quickly introduce myself to new followers. I am Lauren Clement, the Principal + Founder of Lauren Nicole Designs. I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina and specialize in creating fabulous functional spaces that are suited for the everyday lifestyle. If you can't kick up your feet with a snack in hand (okay...and maybe a glass of wine too) and have the kiddos and pets lounging close by, then you haven't created a space suitable for the crazy, beautiful mess we call our life! I enjoy working with clients to create homes that are a true reflection of their personal taste and lifestyle.

Family Retreat: This is a room in the house that can represent many different functionalities and can grow with a family over time. I love this space because it can take on so many different looks and personalities, even through one design!

Here, I have based my concept off of a client's space and while they are just using it as a lounge/media room the idea that this space could also double as a kid's study space is a win win! This room has doors to close out any sound and give privacy while doing schoolwork or for watching loud movies or sports games. There is display for family memorabilia that all surrounds a large TV atop a cozy contemporary fireplace. 

Let's dive right in. . . here's where the fun begins with the design process!

1. Mood Board + Material Selections - At the beginning stages of the design process, I dive deep into the client's lifestyle and think about the desired function for the space. Once function is determined, the design inspiration naturally follows suit. The overall look I wanted to achieve for this family retreat is laid-back luxury. Rich, colorful textiles add color and punch to an otherwise ordinary bonus room.

2. Floor Plan + Configuring Floor Layout - I took measurements of the room and determined the overall layout. Considering where natural light would flow in from the large windows and designating a wall space for the TV.

Now that the floor plan has been reviewed, I consider an initial plan for furniture layout (things may slightly change once furniture has actually been brought into the space). The most important thing to consider here are where the different "stations" (desks, chairs, sofa, etc.) will be placed. The bonus room is a good sized room but we want to make sure we're taking advantage of every inch of space to increase the overall function so each family member is able to use the space daily.

Are you excited? I'm ready to go full-force tackling this design project and share the design process with you over the next 6 weeks.

Check back in next week to see how things have progressed! In the meantime, don't forget to check out the other 19 designers and see what they're up to.

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