February 2019 Room of The Month

Who else needs a bit of rest and relaxation this month? With 2019 already off to a busy and successful start, I can't help but think about taking a bit of "me time" this month! I am reminiscing on this fabulous bathroom renovation and wishing it was my own!

How often do you actually use your master bathroom tub? This is one question I have been thinking about lately as I plan and design bathroom renovations. If you love taking baths, I highly recommended keeping the tub; however, if you find your tub collecting dust I argue that it might be time to gut the tub and repurpose the space!

What are your Valentine's Day plans - relaxing in a nice bubble bath, a homemade meal and crafts with the kids, or a big night out on the town? I hope you enjoy this month and always remember to be thankful for your loved ones!