Home for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I have upcoming plans with my family and friends on my mind. Whether you’re having friends over for a dinner party, hosting a kid-friendly party, or your extended family is heading in for the holidays now is the time to make any last minute adjustments to your kitchen and living spaces. Making hosting and entertaining a breeze over the upcoming holidays!

Functional Layout - If you enjoy having friends and family over first consider the layout of your home and how you can maximize high-traffic areas.

If you are not taking full advantage of a space’s function, take a step back and look at the setup asking yourself several questions: Does this work with multiple people in the home? Is it easy to maneuver and walk through the spaces? Is their enough seating? Can things be repositioned? Is their a natural flow from room to room?

Start here and see what makes the most sense for your space and entertaining needs. Sometimes a simple furniture adjustment (rearranging couches/chairs) makes all the difference in the world.

Appliance Upgrades - Are your appliances up to standard? While this can be a big investment, the most updated, smart appliances will make your life easier stress-free during the holidays.

Changes as simple as a hands-free sink or an oven with Wi-Fi capabilities that offer cooking tips or can automatically preheat and set times for you will save you time to get out of the kitchen and into the fun!

Simplicity is Key (“Hide the Mess”) - Even though we might not like to admit it, we all know the hectic moment of scrambling to stash mess in closets and drawers right before guests arrive to creative the illusion that everything is under control. Use the next couple of weeks to straighten up the home and put everything in its place to avoid this chaotic scenario.

This cozy space right off the kitchen is a perfect command center to stash miscellaneous items. Once you’re in the habit of storing things in cabinets/drawers the task will come naturally and keep countertops clean and clear.

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