Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s just your family celebrating, or if you have a few guests coming in for the holidays, these tips will make sure your house is prepped and ready for the holiday season no matter how you’ll be celebrating this year!

Guest Rooms - Make sure guest bedrooms/bathrooms are clean and cleared out. Oftentimes guest rooms become a hideaway space for clutter throughout the year (especially inside the closet). Even if you’re not having family or guests spend the night this season, now is the perfect excuse to get things in order! If you’re in the habit of making the guest bedroom a “dumping zone” for all miscellaneous things, I challenge you to decorate the room just as if it were your master. With everything in order and nicely arranged, you’ll be sure to keep things in place all year long and enjoy the room.

Stock the Bar - The holidays are the perfect excuse to stock the bar - from festive cocktails to a bottle of bubbly, there’s no better way to spread cheer!

Pro Tip - The “bar" doesn’t have to be alcoholic! Get creative here and set up a fun hot cocoa station that is family-friendly.

Set The Table - One thing this year has shown me is how creative everyone has gotten with their dining room tables - from home offices and homeschooling to even crafting our dining room tables have seen it all. However, I encourage you to bring out all of your china and set the table. Whether you’re cooking or not, this is a fun and festive way to have the table decorated for the holidays.

Memory Wall - Remember the pictures you took and never printed? Or printed and have stuffed in a drawer? Now is the time to gather those pictures and keepsakes. If you have an open, empty wall piece together a photo gallery or strategically place pieces and photos throughout the home.

Interested in learning more about making your home festive for the holidays? Head over the WCNC for more tips: https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/create-holiday-moments-at-home-design-decor-for-holidays/275-5cabaea5-278d-4fea-8d98-4218abc81f49


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