How to Make Working From Home Work

Over the past several months we’ve been learning to navigate working from home and creating solutions that work for ourselves. As many companies are making motions to transition to full time work from home, I wanted to share a few design hacks for making working from home actually work for your lifestyle. 

Make a Designated Work Space - No more sitting on the couch or bed with your laptop, it’s time to make a space that your mind and body associates with work. This method might have worked just fine at the beginning of quarantine but if you’re working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s critical to have a private, quiet space for work. Depending on a home’s layout and existing style, you might not have space for a whole room to be designated as a home office but try to find a space (even a corner or nook) that is strictly for work. 

Combine Function with Style - While working from home, you’ll need full office supplies to help with productivity. If you have a space with cabinetry, take advantage of this to neatly store supplies. You can also keep baskets, bins, or file folders on your desk to help keep paperwork and office supplies nice and tidy. 

Make Your Office A “Happy Place” - Of course you’ll need the office essentials, but don’t be afraid to stop there. Consider what makes you happy and feel at peace - creating a beautiful environment with personal touches will make you want to actually spend time in the office. 


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