July 2019 Room of The Month

The transition from long days of fun during the summer to a fall routine with homework and after school activities is a big change for the whole family, not just for the kids. From shopping for new school supplies, fall outfits and sports gear to getting the entire household back in the daily routine, now is the time to create a plan for organizing your home to ensure a smooth transition.

Does your kid have a workspace to call their own? Creating a designated space in the home to encourage your child's creativity and productivity throughout the year is key. In addition to the basics (flat work surface, lamp, paper, writing utensils, etc.) try to think outside of the box with elements that will help your kiddos further enjoy the space. Storage baskets (as pictured) are a great way to teach your children organizational skills and to help personalize the workspace. Whether you have room in the home for a desk and chair or a flat surface table, it’s all about creating a designated zone that your child will associate year-long with homework and studying!


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