Multifunctional Spaces

As we continue to learn how to navigate the “new normal,” we’re all learning how to cope and determine lifestyle changes that fit our current needs. One thing I’ve seen a lot of as a designer (and in my personal life) is the growing need for multi-functional spaces. Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot of open-concept living but this year has proved the importance of designated spaces and a new found appreciate for doors. Whether it’s to cancel out noise for a Zoom meeting or to wind down after a long day, the ability to retreat into a room and close a door is certainly a luxury that we are learning to appreciate again. 

Today, I want to share a few spaces that support our busy lifestyles while still remaining stylish and put together. 

Bonus Room - Too much is indeed a good thing here! Have you ever seen a space that serves so many functions? From afternoon homework at the desk and a quick snack at the barstools to playing games or watching a movie on the couch, this space is perfect for the kiddos! On the flip side, the parents of the home are able to take full advantage of the space with the bar area and pool tables for weekend entertaining. 

How to achieve the look at home? Take a step back and consider then room’s layout and write down the top 3-5 (depending on space) functions you would like the space to serve. Could it be entertaining, working from home/homeschooling, reading, movie nights? After you set realistic goals for the space you’ll be able to easily transform the room by creating “stations” that are determined by each function. 

Landry Room/Home Office/Powder Room - I like to call this the mom’s “command center”. In a home where we weren’t able to have both a home office and a laundry room, I thought smart and seamlessly blended the two spaces together. Just off the room is a powder room with an extra sink perfect for soaking clothes or even arranging florals. 

Kids Zone Bedroom/Playroom/Virtual Learning - If you’re learning to navigate homeschooling this semester, this one is for you! This boy’s room is so much more than a bedroom. I incorporated a small table and chairs that are great for reading stories or virtual learning. Storage under bed allows the boys to easily pull out toys for play time but then be stored when it’s time for bed. 

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