Refresh, Reset, Renew!

After two months of staying at home, the order is about to be lifted and it’s now Spring! After experiencing a lot of unexpected changes this year, I feel like it's time to start Spring with a fresh set of eyes! 

If you’re at home and ready for a bit of spring refresh, follow along for quick tips & tricks to update the spaces that have seen the most wear & tear over the last 2 months - family room & kitchen. 

#1 - Seasonal Swap - Put away the winter throws and bring out lighter, brighter lightweight throws. Swap out the pillows on your sofa for a fresher look. Rearrange your furniture. Move furniture to different places in your home.  

#2 Declutter Start with the coffee table - clear off and wipe down. Add a bowl, tray, or even fresh flowers. If you have bookshelves - take everything off & put things back in this order:





Bookshelves tend to get cluttered up with all of those things that nobody knows where to put them.  

#3 Restore the Kitchen to It’s Original State - Your kitchen table and island have really been working overtime.  My island has everything from homework to art and crafts projects to food - basically it's a massive dropzone.  Get the kids involved and have them help to organize and find a place for their projects and schoolwork - give them bins and a label maker to help them organize.  Add fresh flowers or even a beautiful bowl.   


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