Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

While everyone is at home practicing "social distancing," it is important for this space to be functional and fabulous as we are now spending even more time inside.

I caught up with WBTV via Zoom to share advice on redecorating the home.

These small changes are proven to make a big impact. Stay safe and healthy during this time and remember to enjoy extra time at home with your loved ones!

The Kids are Home

Keep the kiddos busy by organizing and maybe even rearranging their bedrooms or playrooms.  Start by getting 3 bins and labeling each one SAVE (this is something that is meaningful that is a keepsake) KEEP (stays out in their room or playroom to use and play with and lastly DONATE -- toys, clothes, anything that they've outgrown and haven't played with or used for a month or more.  It's amazing how much everyone will feel with just this one organizing tip.

Organize the Bookcase

We all have good intentions with keeping our bookcases organized and beautiful but over time they become one more place to stash the clutter.  This is a quick and easy thing you can do to brighten your family room, living room or in-home office.  First take everything off of the bookcase and clean those shelves.  Secondly put things in category of importance -- Family memories like family pictures, awards or special pieces.  Books - these are great to build into any bookcase design -- use the nicer books and yes you can take the dust covers off to reveal a beautiful binding.  Art & Decor pieces that add color and design elements to the bookcase. 

Your Master Suite Needs to Be Your Haven

When everyone is in the house for an extended period of time, you are going to need a calming place to escape to and that should be your Master Bedroom Suite.  Just getting the clutter out of this space will make you feel instantly calm.  So put the laundry basket with unfolded laundry back in the laundry room, clear all of the extra stuff off of your nightstand -- add a candle, a family pic and the book you'd like to read someday and that's it.  Even a small touch like making your bed and adding your favorite blanket along the end as a bed scarf will instantly perk up the room.


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