Summertime Fun: Kid-Friendly Design Projects

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Now that summer is official here and schools have released for summer break, we’re so excited for a summer full of relaxing, traveling, time with friends and family, and a few kid-friendly design projects in-between. 

#1 Update Bedrooms - If your child has “outgrown” their bedroom, the summer is the perfect time to give the space a quick update and refresh to better fit their growing needs. Let your kid’s creativity roll with a bit of guidance. Small changes will make a big impact increasing the function of the space, while allowing the bedroom to feel more personal at the same time. Take a trip to the local paint store and select new colors. Consider painting a ceiling or accent wall in a fun color to make a statement that isn’t too overpowering. Is it time for a homework station? Bring in a desk with fun and personalized accessories. Bookshelves and wall shelves are the perfect solution to displaying collectables - plus add in decorative boxes to hide the mess. 

The goal? Create a fun and functional space that will fit your child’s specific needs. If they are a part of the design process, they will care for their space and want to help keep in neat and tidy!

#2 Creativity Room- It’s time to give this room or space a quick update! Think about your kids hobbies and interest - are they a budding artist? If so, think about unique ways to turn this space into a mini art studio. A simple chalk paint wall allows for endless creativity and hang their artwork on the wall to admire. 

If your children are more into reading, think about creating a reading nook with a comfortable chair or beanbag with books in full reach. Or, if you have the extra space consider building a bookshelf to hold all of their favorite novels. 

#3 Rec Room - If your kids are entering a different stage of life wanting to hang out and be with friends 24/7, try to transform your rec room into a place they’ll want to hang out in. Think about incorporating these things to create a space where all the friends will want to hang out - comfy seating, TV, movies, games, etc. 

Are you ready to dive in? Watch this clip on WBTV for more kid-friendly design projects.


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