Summertime is Calling

Brighter days (and temperatures) are just ahead on the horizon and I cannot wait to enjoy this season! Today, I’ll be sharing a few tips on giving your outdoor space/patio a warm-weather refresh. 

Extension of your Interior Space - This is one of my absolutely favorite outdoor spaces. Just off of Lake Norman, the family can easily slide open the doors to bring the outside in! If you have a space with large windows or sliding doors, I encourage you to take full advantage of this by keeping them open and enjoying warmer temperatures for longer periods throughout the year. 

Performance Fabrics - I cannot stress the importance of using performance fabrics. When seating is covered in good quality performance fabric, you will not freak out when a child plops down after a dip in the pool or after playing around in the dirt. 

Pro Tip: For an easy seasonal change, swap pillows at the start of the season. While you might have had neutral pillows for the winter, now is the time to make a quick summer change with a brighter punch of color. 

Plan for Entertaining - After the social distancing order is lifted, you’ll want to soak up the sun with friends and family right by your side. Now is the time to get started with a few updates that will ensure everyone wants to spend time at your place! What does the layout of your backyard look like and what is the primary function you’d like to get out of the space? Do you have enough room for an outdoor sectional or do you prefer tables and chairs? 

This outdoor patio is perfect for entertaining with a beverage fridge and large bar area to hold snacks and drinks. 

For my quick and easy tricks on sprucing up your outdoor space for summertime, check out my recent segment on Morning Break.


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