The Disappearing Dining Room 

Over the past couple of years, there has been an ongoing debate between designers and homeowners - do we really need access to a full dining room? Today, I’m going to share the pros and cons of keeping the tradition of a formal dining room alive within a more laid back society. 

How often are you actually using the formal dining room? To begin answering the question if the disappearing dining room is a good thing or not, you must first think about your personal lifestyle and what suits your needs. For a lover of entertaining that hosts dinner parties multiple times a year, there is value in having a designated room to gather. On the other hand, if you’re only using the space once your twice a year for holidays, a dining space just off the kitchen might work better with your lifestyle rather than a formal dining room.

What is replacing the formal dining room? Sitting down for formal dinners at the same time each night is often a thing of the past. Many families will realistically eat their meals at the kitchen counter/island, in front of the TV, or even outside on a patio when the weather is nice, leaving the dining room as a place to display china, glassware, and collect dust. Families are choosing to transform this unused space into a room that is actually livable and suitable for daily life - home offices, dens, craft rooms, libraries, etc. 

Function + Livability Outweighs Tradition - This is not to say the dining room is dead, but it is slowly but surely disappearing. A great alternative to a formal dining room is a family friendly eat-in kitchen and depending on the size of your kitchen you just might be able to fit in a larger table that can accommodate even 8-10 guests.

I want to get rid of my dining room, now what? If you have a renovation budget you could consider knocking down the walls to open up the space to create a larger kitchen or living area. Or, if you’re ready for a little DIY project start by repurposing the dining room by moving out the tables, chairs and china to create a new home office or playroom for the kids. All small changes that will suddenly make your home bigger by “adding” a new room that better suits your lifestyle.

For more tips regarding this ongoing debate, head over to QC Life and watch my recent segment:


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