Your Family Room is Getting Used Now More Than Ever - Time for a Refresh

With everyone spending more time in the confines of their home, family rooms are now getting more use than ever! And if your like me, the family room has turned into a mix of home schooling, craft zone, games, design presentations, you name it - needless to say the function changes everyday! 

This particular family room used to have just a pool table and the husband would sit on a bar stool watching TV over the pool table. Fast forward a few years and add adorable grandchildren to the mix - needless to say the function of this space totally changed! Still a place for the man of the house to reside, we increased the space's overall function with comfortable seating.

Function First - When selecting seating, think about investing in pieces that will last for years. Performance fabrics are now available in beautiful prints, patterns and color ways and will be able to withstand whatever life throws its way. Also, it's important to keep in mind how many family members, or guests are over on a regular basis. How much seating do you need? In this particular space, the design called for a place where the entire family can get together to watch movies, play games, or catch up after a day spent on the lake. 

A Place For Everyone - Now more than ever, it is so important to have a designated area in the home that is suitable for every family member. I’m sure that this 1st level family area is getting so much use right now between the kids using the pool table, fuse-ball table, plenty of seating & TVs and even an area for parents to eat & drink. Think about setting up different areas throughout the family room that are unique to each member based on their hobbies and personal interests. This family room had to serve multiple purposes - study, play, read, and entertain guests.